Meetings in Camara de Madrid

The Palace of Santoña, a Spanish Property of Cultural Interest in Madrid, will serve as the principal venue for the upcoming Diplomatic International Week – SDGs and the Decade of Action (November), which will promote technical dialogue, networking and SDG-oriented exchange involving the Diplomatic Core, UN experts, Academia and Private Sector leaders in Spain.

On 16th September, the first-of-its-kind encounter with key allies and potential partners took place at this monumental landmark, which also serves as the main office of Madrid’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which has made it an ideal site to hold numerous events, award ceremonies, as well as film and advertising shoots.

The Santoña Palace is one of the 6 remaining Manor House-Palaces in Madrid. A jewel of 18th century architecture, it is a perfect combination of stunning courtly-Bourbon work in Madrid and the exoticism of oriental art, all of which match with a marvellous combination of neoclassicism and neo-Baroque.