An exclusive interview on RNE in the program “A promising future”

30th July 2021:

Juan Ignacio Lorente Gonzalez, Director of the Diplomatic Coalition and Diplomatic Council in Spain, spoke about diplomatic activities with the Arab embassies.

An exclusive interview on RNE (Radio Exterior) in the program “A promising future”, prepared and hosted by Shireen Dajani.

We are 9 years away from the goal set by the United Nations for the Agenda 2030 of achieving sustainability goals. In this episode, Mr. Lorente spoke to us about the role of the Diplomatic Coalition in this regard and the activities that will be carried out and implemented to achieve these goals.

“The members of our organization are highly trained and their experience plays a key role in promoting understanding between nations and maintaining peace, thus helping in dialogue for a friendly negotiation that creates a global atmosphere conducive to peace. international and global harmony ”.

We live in a world with global problems (climate change, terrorism, inequality) and there is no way we can solve them country by country.

Only global solutions can address global problems. Therefore, global organizations, such as the United Nations, and others, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Union, the African Union, are all necessary to face the tragic challenges that threaten humanity in the actuality.

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