Launch of the Diplomatic International Day paves the way to joint planning of Agenda 2030

Madrid, 9 June 2021 – – With a view to opening up to the public in its inaugural stage, the Diplomatic Coalition prepares for the launch of the first edition of the Diplomatic International Day; a specialized networking initiative, which will bring together Ambassadors from the Arab countries in Madrid, in an interdisciplinary dialogue with renowned experts on Social Development issues and representatives of the Private Sector, among others.

With the thematic scope “The Impact of Covid-19 in Diplomacy and implementation of the SDGs”, theDiplomatic International Day is organized jointly by the Diplomatic Coalition, ECO de España en Árabe; the first-of-its kind Arab Media Center in Spain, and the International Cooperative for New Pedagogy, Training & Consulting, CINPAA, with the special support of the UN Diplomatic Council (Headquartered in Frankfurt, with a strategic implementation sub-office in Madrid).

The first edition of the Diplomatic International Day will count with the special collaboration of the Arab League in Spain. Worth noting is the support provided by Casa Árabe Madrid, yet another prominent collaborator, who willlend its Madrid headquarters to host the event.

Since its foundation in 2006, Casa Árabe has worked tirelessly to build bridges, strengthening bilateral andmultilateral political relations, promoting and assisting economic, cultural and educational relations, providingtraining and furthering understanding about the Arab and Muslim world across the globe.

Furthermore, HM Hospitales, a leading Hospital Group in Madrid, Leon, Galicia, Catalonia and Toledo, will serve as the principal sponsor of this edition of the newly conceived Diplomatic International Day. HM Hospitales   currently   covers   all   medical   and   surgical   specialties,    with    16 General    Hospitals and fourcomprehensive centers specialized in oncology, cardiology, fertility and neuroscience.

The inauguration of the Diplomatic International Day, seeks to create an innovative space where the diplomatic world, the public and private sectors converge. One of the main objectives of the Diplomatic International Day,in line with the SDGs, is to promote dialogue to foster alliances that allow the development of sustainable, co-responsible, collaborative and coordinated action to achieve the global goals.

Diplomatic International Day provides an unrivalled opportunity, as well as a unique space, specifically designed to encourage, promote and materialize the aforementioned partnerships, which will eventually facilitate enhanced experts’ deliberation on the overarching, cross-cutting nature of the SDGs in all socio- economic sectors. The uniqueness of this event lies in the participation of the diplomatic world in an innovative setting, where companies, governments, NGOs, universities, investors and local communities come together.

The 2030 Agenda gives today’s societies, without distinction, the opportunity to transform themselves, allowing public and private companies, international organizations and governments to become leading agents of change,with a perspective of sustainability.

The diplomatic environment provides an exceptional platform to bring about substantive discussion, as well asdefinitions and measurable action on the common way forward to achieve Agenda 2030”, stated today Mr. JuanIgnacio Lorente, Head of the UN Diplomatic Council in Spain.


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